We want your vehicle!
We actually have a specific request for a vehicle like yours with the estimated mileage you currently have. We do prefer to purchase locally driven vehicles which have a good service history. That is why we would like to offer you up to 20% ABOVE book value*.
Due to our need for such a quick transaction and the potential inconvenience to you, right now you can take advantage of some of our best offers of the season with programs that can send you home with a payment with little to no money out of pocket. If you have remaining lease or loan payments we may be able to make your remaining payments*.
Even if you do not buy a vehicle from us we would like to buy your vehicle!
Please call me today at (866) 518-9565 so I can let our prospective customer looking for a vehicle like yours know that we can get him the car he wants.
Janet Feliciano
General Sales Manager
*Offer to buy vehicle will be established as per current values, terms and conditions as published within Galves Book Value for excellent condition which is standard monthly publication that the auto industry uses to assign a monetary value on vehicle. Offer to make remaining payments is not a guarantee that vehicle value will be equal to remaining payments. Offer expires 6/30/16. NYS DMV# 7120356. NYC DCA #2031312.

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