Save On Automotive Service At INFINITI of Manhattan 

Searching for a INFINITI auto repair center near Yonkers? If you make the commute to New York City, INFINITI of Manhattan will make it worth the commute with our superior car care practices and repair savings. Our New York City repair shop manages routine servicing and major auto part replacements - ranging from oil changes to muffler repair and replacement. Check out our available auto repair coupons first, then contact us at 212-329-0711 or use our service appointment form to schedule an appointment.

Auto Fluids Maintain Your Car's High Performance 

Your car fluid levels need to be looked at on a regular basis and we never recommend just your oil. Antifreeze, windshield fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid and power steering fluid are common important components to keeping your vehicle operating properly. Antifreeze keeps your engine from getting too hot and from freezing in cold temperatures. Brake fluid transfers components within the braking system. Transmission fluid serves as a coolant and lubricant for the moving parts in your car's transmission. Power steering fluid ensures your power steering system is effectively pressurized. Be sure to check your car's fluid regularly. If you do, your vehicle will be grateful.

Deformed Rotors and Old Brake Pads Could Potentially Cause Other Auto Issues And Dangerous Situations 

The necessity for fully-functional brakes really should be well known. Without good brakes, auto accidents occur. Rusty and warped rotors can cause brake pad slipping. Old brake pads can grind the rotor, which can trigger more costly vehicle repairs down the road. It is important to keep up to speed with brake pad renewal as a way to increase the lifespan of your rotors, as well as to stay safe while driving. If you feel your car shifts to one side when you brake, check your brakes right away. If you don?t know how to remove and replace brakes, we recommend that you to bring your car or truck into INFINITI of Manhattan for a fast diagnosis and repair.

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